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Uprise Albinism






Village, school & community workshops across Malawi. 128 festivals, 4 days per week 32 weeks of the year starting in December 2016. Mobile treatment centre and dance group/actors & singers. Target penetration 800 – 3,000 per event. one coach, one truck, one ambulance.


Transform Malawi into the heart of Africa where persons with albinism can live without fear of discrimination with access to education, health care and support services.


Country wide prevention of persons with albinism developing life threatening health issues. Community health education focusing on dispelling the negative stereo types and discrimination.

Mission Statement

Provide health care, access to information and support services for persons with albinism at the highest level. Referral of serious cases for medical treatment at major hospitals to prevent life threatening illnesses. Educate the community on issues pertaining to discrimination and abuse of persons with albinism. Liaise with local medical, law enforcement and community services to enable better cohesion between services.





  • Lecture from Zomba Chancellor university of Malawi, presentation and questions.
  • Guest speakers from the international and local communities.
  • Comprehensive 4-page booklet for PWA’s on health/social care contact information and services
  • Detailed 12-page guide book for professionals
  • Teach the community on the rights of people with albinism.
  • Teach the community to know what albinism is and how it starts.
  • Civic educate the parents on the importance of sending children with albinism to school.
  • Providing them with training in economic empowerment and leadership skills.  Teaching people the proper terminologies of addressing people with albinism.


  • Mobile clinic – customised field ambulance with skin care products, liquid nitrogen and other assorted medical equipment & literature. Providing medical care, assessment for PWS’s.
  • One doctor (dermatologist) 1 nurse for treatment and assessment  Skin care advice and medical treatment.
  • Pharmaceuticals supplied as needed
  • Full body Digital images of all PWA’s sent to Dr Kelvin Mponda of Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Blantyre for assessment. –
  • Contact and medical/social information collected for research and future care.
  • PWA’s can be contacted and sent to the relevant medical facility for treatment.


  • Cultural dance group focusing on PWA’s
  • Chichewa production highlighting the problems PWA’s aimed at creating a dialog and dispelling discrimination and negative stereo types.


  • Finger print technology – to identify & aid authorities
  • Medical, social, personal & family data for future research and to aid in future effective measures for persons with albinism.



All costs are based on the entire project duration, the assets left after the initial 32-week period will be utilised for another Uprise Albinism project.


Mobile Medical Truck £32,000
Mini Bus £7,000
Hilux Aux Truck £15,000
Vehicle costs (Diesel, Maintenance etc.) £12,000
Insurances (Car, Medical, Liability) £4,000



Cameras + equipment x2 £2,000
Laptops x 4 (Doctor, Admin, PM) £1,300
Branded Paraphernalia (for promotion of cause & engagement) £20,000
Satellite Phone x 1 £400
Liquid Nitrogen £1,500
Sun Cream £5,000
Defribulator £1,000
Educational Literature £5,500
Finger Print Scanner £500



Dermatologist £9,200
Nurse £5,000
Teacher £4,000
Aux Staff (Drivers & event staff) x 10 £24,000
Local Security (All events) £6,000
Project Manager (living wage) £10,000



Accommodation £22,000
Food £14,320
Misc £30,000



Total funds to be raised £231,720