exchange of ideas and information within communities.


working with schools, villages, grass root organisations and individuals


Creating digital media through photography, film, graphic design and online


VAfrica is an ocean made up from drops that are you.... Forever evaporating reforming and travelling,

Always part of the ocean re-joining to begin your journey again.

Hi my names Zac welcome to the Family,

Together with a network of individuals and grass roots organisations around the world. We created VAfrica to enable an exchange of ideas and information within communities. We provide an open platform linking creatives, offering free or low coast media services and training. We have created an online channel combined with the Zimlink & Lawilink magazines to allow a free place to share media such as articles local history the arts and much more.

VAfrica promotes other grass roots organisations and individuals who need to get their message out there, whether it be filming an event, presentation or creating a website. VAfrica gives training in social media, helps design logos and gives advice on business strategy by transferring our knowledge to others. The organisation can enable communities to share and understand better the world around us. Exchanging the skills and support that can change lives.
The most import thing the organisation offers is a voice for people who would not be able to tell their story share their art or opinions; VAfrica will supply the knowledge and equipment to do so.
We can get lost in a sea of media and politics, forgetting about the people that are struggling to get by every day, that’s where VAfrica comes in. Non-religious non-political, VAfrica is open to everybody every skill set every gio-social group, we all have something to give and the ability to grow. VAfrica can bridge the gap, fulfilling a clear need in a global society for inclusion and empowerment. VAfrica creates better understanding, offers a flexible framework for people to work in.
Our first project in Zimbabwe & Malawi brought photography, filming and computer equipment to schools and communities for people of all ages/social backgrounds to work with. Using the key skills needed to produce web sites and create media. We set up a Hub in Blantyre Malawi run and operated by Malawians and created documentaries to share with Zimbabwe, Malawi and the world. The potential to create new partnerships with Zimbabwe & Malawi to empower individuals and organisations to express themselves through various forms of media is immense.
In 2019 VAfrica in partnership with Artist Adrian Ekenhall set up the London to Freetown project. Which links artists, schools and grassroots organisations in North west Africa. Creating new economic opportunities, exchanging ideas and training.


“It is not hard to change things,

what’s harder is making the decision to do it.”


Zac Darkes Founder